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Unknown people logging in

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I have got four emails over the past two days about people from other countries logging into my spotify account. I am from Australia and I have had people from the United States, Russia, Finland and Israel log in to my account. After the first log in, I logged out of all devices and changed my password, but people are still getting in. What can I do to stop this?





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I like many users am constantly and repeatedly having my account hacked. Spotify do not seem to care and it is obvious that their systems are weak and do NOT comply with data protection laws. I therefore please ask all users affected to log a complaint with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) - see website . If enough of us complain the ICO (i.e. government) will hopefully take action, and force Spotify to improve and obey the law, and protect our data.

Once again as reading with everyone else for the past week I've noticed 4-5 playlists added and random music playing on loop when I get back I first thought it was my family but it wasn't since nobody comes into my room and it's always locked ANYWAY to get to my point. I noticed emails about people logging in so I changed my password and logged everyone out (As the support article said) and welp nothing happened its a FULLY different password but yet they still have access or managed to gain access again and to keep you informed I only EVER had Spotify logged in on my phone (That stay's next to me at all times) and my PC (That's a full desktop that is locked into my room and only I have the key) So any help you can offer or support?

I've been trying for hours, I normally listen to music to go to sleep and I keep getting all these random iPhones logging into my account. No matter how many times I sign out everywhere it doesn't work. I even changed my password. In addition, I attempted to reset my password multiple times and it keeps telling me that it either expired or it was already used which isn't true at all.

I just want to listen to my own music without having all of this stuff completely messing up the account I took years to make. At this point I just want to cancel my premium at least, I don't want these people to use my Spotify just because they don't want ads.

Vote with your feet - leave, go elsewhere. There are many alternatives to Spotify, I've been using Google/YouTube Music instead and haven't looked back.

I still get the occasional "someone's logged in to your account" email but I can safely ignore those now that I don't have any payment details held.

It's just not acceptable in 2020.

At this point that's what I'm gonna do, I just have to jump through hoops since I'm using it through Starbucks but whatever, Spotify is easily hacked I suppose. If you could listen from with other devices at the same time I wouldn't mind but, I'm just trying to go to sleep.

Hey man I know it though i get it, but there are other ways to listen to your favorite songs.And if u are not a lazy like my self I suggest u to find new ways to listen,U can do so by buying and Ipod or Ipad I dunno for sure coz I use only android.The esest way and cheap one is to dowload it and put it on a device  or a usb . 

Until they put a 2nd autentification metod I sugest u to make a new acc with an incripted email and password or just give up on it. 

I ve already find out after several days that u can incrite  your email and even password  but it takes a lot of skills to do so.

i play music and the song keeps changing. when i close out of the app and go back to it, spotify says its playing on a computer with a name i’ve never heard of. i’ve never shared my spotify password with anyone, and i changed it but that didn’t make a difference 

I have the same issue with my phone app,when i try to play a different song it keeps playing a russian song and it wont let me play the chosen one and that s on my phone not my pc.

The weirdest part is that I can t find on ,,recently played,, nothing ,nada.Wich is weird coz i definetly played some songs on my phone but it like nothing happend. 

Spotify is letting us down.

I was abbout to try premium but I am afraid for my safety and my personal information.So #spotifyWorksAgainsUs

I have changed my password about three times now, and have to click log out all about every other day. I continue to get emails that people in Germany and Israel are logging into my account. I am from the US, what can I do? Thanks.

You could, as many others have decided to do, leave Spotify and use one of the many other music providers. As consumers, we're spoilt for choice so why put up with this rubbish? Move on!

Hi! im sorry to say this but you cant get your acount back bcz i have tried
to get back my acount 27 times and everytime i do it spotify sends me a new
login email.
You can make a new acount with another email and make sure that email has
2fa !

I have had FOUR people add themselves to my premium account.

1) The password I use with spotify is one I use nowhere else, so I know the leak of info came from Spotify.

2)These people NOW HAVE MY HOME ADDRESS, name, billing information and login/password.



The leak happened through you guys, undoubtedly. I've never received an email letting me know an extra person has been added to my account.

What is going on? This is deeply upsetting and yes I'm very seriously considering my other options because from my research this is not a one time thing, you have consistent problems with people stealing your clients information and you won't even admit to it.



hey there if you remember your username and password you should got to the spotify web site and go on your account and look for the "sign out every were" tab .if the problem still happens just change yor password.

Huh. That’s Wired maybe every so often Change your password you can also Lock Everybody logged in out! If you need more help Spotify is one Post away!

Yeah nothing has helps PLEASE LOG THEM OUT NOW THEY WONT STOP! I Can't log them out and non of the post you guys put there helps please help me!

Hey @jackharr,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We're sorry to hear that you're still experiencing this. As previously mentioned on this thread, we recommend heading to this support article and follow the steps you'll find there. If the issue persists, get in touch with our Support team by following the steps under Lost anything? in that article, so they can further assist you with this.


We hope this helps. If you need anything else, we'll be right here.



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Change the password to your email first, log out all the devices logged in then proceed to change your Spotify password and log out all active sessions. Hope that helps.🙂

I think these are login attempts and not successful logins where someone actually got access to your password somehow, logged in, and then had access to your account. Try to use special characters in your passwords and add things like a !, @, $ or ETC. Nothing basic.

Wish Spotify would just clarify if the above is actually true. They need to stop scaring people into thinking their account was actually hacked if so. Doesn't look very good on their end if peoples accounts are randomly being accessed by other people considering this is a billion dollar company. Don't run yourselves like a lemonade stand.

My account has barely any activity except for this comment and I viewed probably 10 songs over the past 2 or so years. There's zero reason why anyone should even know that my account even exists. How someone had knowledge that my account even existed within Spotify is the scary part. Something is happening on the backend somewhere.

Also, "Share my registration data with Spotify's content providers for marketing purposes." isn't ticked within my account for any 3rd party to have access to my account details. I would probably uncheck this if you have it checked though. If Spotify isn't secure then there's no reason why I or anyone else should be letting 3rd parties know about our accounts.


It would be nice if we had the option to disallow access to our accounts to certain countries/states.

I can't figure out what the open account is attached to my bank how do I find out

Hi, can anyone help me? Exact same issue. The last two days I’ve had people logging in from France, UK, US & Finland. I’ve changed my password 4 times & my email password too, what the **bleep** is going on? Stressed and annoyed. Really frustrating I need confirmation that my account is not being hacked but there’s no one to contact through spotify.

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