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Unlink from Facebook

Unlink from Facebook

Currently, my spotify is link to Facebook. I had been to Facebook to disconnect spotify.
When I try to create new account, this show that's the email has been taken.
So, I went to "forgot my password" section. It's show that I have to go to Facebook to change.
I wanted to purchase premium but I doesn't want it to me link to my Facebook.

I need help in creating a new spotify which doesn't link to my Facebook.
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Hey @iyuanjun,


If you created your Spotify account with Facebook, you need to create a new account with a different email address from the one you use for Facebook. That will give you a Spotify username of your choice, so you won't have to rely on a Facebook account.


Once you've made it, fill out the contact form and someone from Spotify will help you migrate your library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account.


If you like you can link this new account to your Facebook again, but now you won't have to rely in the Facebook login process, since you'll have your very own Spotify username.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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Thanks for the advice. currently i am only using a active email address, which is the same as my facebook account email address. Is there anyway to use back the active email address or unlink the facebook spotify?



Hey @iyuanjun,


As stated by @osornios you will need to create a brand new Spotify account via their website. You'll need to create a second e-mail account for this to work. When you have created your new account via Spotify, contact Spotify and request them to transfer all your playlists/songs etc to your new account. After this has been completed, ask them to also close the old account down and then you should be able to change your e-mail back to your primary one.


Hope that makes sense




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Thanks for the help. I will try to do that. I am lost on how and who do I contact an offical spotify mangement. Currently, I only know this community channel that's helping to solve problem.



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