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Unlinked an Facebook's account from my Spotify's account

Unlinked an Facebook's account from my Spotify's account

Hi everybody,


I want to unlinked my actual Facebook's account from my Spotify's account. This Facebook's account doesn't exit anymore. I need to linked my Spotify's account to my new Facebook's account. I need help pleaseeee. There's nothing in Spotify's help about it. Heeelpppp!!!! Thanks!!!

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Hey Santyjazz,

I can see there isn't a Facebook linked to your 'santyjazz' account at the moment.

So all you need to do is go to Edit » Preferences (Windows) or Spotify » Preferences (Mac). Scroll to the bottom, press 'Connect to Facebook' and sign in with your new FB details.

Hi Meredith,


sorry about my english. I don't know what happen but I try in Preferences "Connect to Facebook" and my Spotify desktop only allow me connect to an old facebook account that i used to connect in spotify client but this facebook account now doesn't exits and it's no possible to change to other good facebook account. Help! Thanks!

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