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Unsubscribing from notifications and emails

Unsubscribing from notifications and emails

Please someone turn off my email updates every fortnight and however often.  I am so sick of them and I can't even find an email address to send a nice email to.  I have decided I do not want to use spoify for the time being, but am forced to receive these emails.  I have gone through the process of  clicking the unsubcribe button on each email I receive but it has mad NO DIFFERENCE!  Please stop sending these.  I also have another account I created unknowingly with another email address, so I am getting these sent to two email address.  I would provide you with the two addresses but I will not put them up in  a public forum..  Why is this so hard.

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Just head to your account profile to turn them off.

If you are still getting emails after unsubscribing, it sounds like you actually have more than one Spotify account, there are some steps in this post you might want to try out!



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