Updated to premium and now I have two accounts?

Updated to premium and now I have two accounts?




I just updated to premium, something happened and all the playlists I had got lost. I can't find them with the function that finds deleted playlists. I used my old (free) account with a username and it wasn't linked to facebook (as far as I remember). Now I can't log in to the old account because I don't remember the password and if I try to reset it, it will reset the password on my new account. So basically, I have two different accounts with the same email, is it even possible? And how could I log in to my old account when the only thing I remember is the username that I used for it? I can find the username from my new account so I guess I now have two different accounts but I can't use the old one anymore.

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Thanks for reaching out. 


We’d suggest taking a look at the steps here to determine whether or not you’re logged into the right one.


If you're able to log in to both accounts, you should be able to close one by following our support site


If you need a hand with this, we'd recommend reaching out to support through our contact form.


Let us know how you get on!

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