Urgent!! account was hacked


Urgent!! account was hacked


Hi, this is a urgent matter! My girlfriend’s account was hacked and because of that, she can't write this post, so I’m writing on her behalf. Today (May 31st), she received an e-mail informing that the e-mail address of her account was changed. And after that she wasn’t able to log to her account. She was still logged on her mobile phone trhough her facebook account, and saw when the hacker changed her profile photo and was using Spotify plataform on more two diferents devices. She's sent 2 e-mails, facebooks messages, posts on twitter and she still don’t have answer!!! She is really upset, because the hacker even changed her account plan. It was premium and now it’s familiar, and this value has already been debited of her credit card. There is someone who could solve this for her? She is freaking out and I don’t know what to do. It’s really irresponsible to let the account plan be changed and don’t ask any type of personnel information.

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Hi @flaviovisetti

I suggest you girlfriend immediately contact Spotify staff by following these steps:

  1. Go to the contact form.
  2. Select Logging in.
  3. Choose I can't log in to Spotify

They will help to get her account back.