User Desapear account hacked? HELPPPP


User Desapear account hacked? HELPPPP

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Hello to this community! I hope someone can help me! 
My Spotify account is under mariano giraudo user

I own a Premium account with 4 users and one of them has been hacked. Mariabelen060401. The Password is incorrect web cant change the password, cant log in and i cant see the acoount in my familiar member list and we think that has been hacked because we can see music being added to the lists.

We want to recover that one because of so many years searching and creating everyone of those lists.

I will be waiting for your response! 

My daghter is crying because she loss all
Many thanks in advance! 


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Re: User Desapear account hacked? HELPPPP


Hey there!


I would advise you to change the password of the account, and restore the playlists via the account page, if they have ben deleted.


Click here to change the password



Restore the playlists via the 'My Account' page.



If all else fails, you are able to email spotify via this page.


I really hope this gets resolved for you!


Have an awesome day!