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Since I went into a familiar plan, my user name (that was the same as my name on facebook) just disapeared from every account info page. The user name that is shown contains onlyramdom letters and numbers.
This error accours even in the smartphone app, desktop app and when logged on Spotify on an internet browser.
When I created my account (using a free signature), I logged using facebook. The login in Spotify servers (using e-mail and password) was created only after some time logging in just with facebook.
Recently I started to use a familiar plan, and since then, my facebook name is no longer shown in any app or internet page.

There's another mistake in my account: my birth date is wrong in my account page. I'd be glad if you correct both mistakes.

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Hey @Fabricio_C Welcome to the Spotify Community!


There is a simple fix to the string of numbers. Go to your Spotify app and on the top right corner you will see a down arrow. Click there and then go to Settings. Once you arrived at Settings, under Social click Disconnect from Facebook. After that you are going to want to reconnect to Facebook.  Make sure you enter in the correct details to sign into your Facebook account. 


For your birthday issue, you are going to have to change it in Facebook. It could take 24hours for the change in dates to be officially shown in your Account Overview.


Also click on this Spotify and Facebook FAQ Page if you need clarification on the steps.


If you have any other questions let me know! 


Disconnecting and connecting again solved part of que problem. Now, when I access my profile my name is shown, but in my playlists it's still showing the code.

My birthday on facebook is correct; Spotify, for some reason, has put it wrong in my profile. Still, I made the "change" on facebook, but not has changed on Spotify yet. 

Anyway, thanks! 

Hey @Fabricio_C.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Could you ask a friend to see if they can see your name under your playlists from their account? It could just be an issue on your end.

As for your DOB, you can contact our Customer Support team, who will be able to update it for you.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime 🙂

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