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Username and playlists URLs not working

Username and playlists URLs not working

Plan Premium

Country Colombia



(iPhone SE, MacBook Pro)

Operating System

(iOS 12.4.1, iOS 10.14.6)


My Question or Issue

I tried to share my Spotify user to a friend so I send her the URL, she told me it didn't worked, I opened the link and it says there has been a problem, try later. I decided to send the link to one of my playlists instead, since there she could get my username, but it didn't work as well. So right now neither my user nor my playlists are available to anyone. The message has been the same all day I have no idea what to do, please help! 


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Hi @rpg-raquel,


Just to be sure, how did you create a link? Via the app you went to your profile, tabbed the three dots and choose share and copy link?


Also check the social options in settings. Check if you enabled share listening activity.




Hi @Rene01 , yes, I copied the URL through this process, and I also checked the social options in settings, I do have it enabled.

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Weird. Can you post the link so I can try?




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