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Username change

Hey there! Something happened today and I can't figure out what... I have Spotify linked with Facebook and my username was taken from there (as well as profile picture). So everything was fine. But I went to my profile today through browser and my name, but also picture have disappeared... Link below:

I had to add a photo manually (another one) using Spotify but I want it taken automatically from Facebook, along with my name (Martin Krush). I did not remove Facebook link off Spotify, I didn't change anything in fact... What to do to bring it back? Please help and thank you.



// MK

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hello. actually, you can't really change your user name. you have to contact spotify support in order for them to assist you with this issue. they will help you to make another account with your desired username and also transfer everything from your old account to your new account. 

Okay, I get it but that's not really what I'm looking for, heh. If I have my account linked with Facebook then why it doesn't show my name (and picture) from there? Yesterday and earlier it did, now for some unknown reason not... And I didn't change nothing in settings or anything.

Anyone, please? And how to contact Spotify Support with my issue, by the way? It bothers me and I need it solved, heh.

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