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Username created through ITunes - Can't Cancel account

Username created through ITunes - Can't Cancel account

I subscribed to Premium in 2016 using my IPad through Itunes. Appreantly Itunes assigns and username with Spotify that does not have an email assocated with the account. I have canceled the subscription with Itunes, but have been being charged by Spotify for over a year now for the premium service.


I can't log on through Spotify website with user name becuase there isn't an email address or password. The app on the Ipad still works as a premium subscription but does not allow you to cancel and/or modify account settings/username etc. Apple doesn't not have the charged assocated with Itunes so I can't just change the credit card.

Help. Really absurd.

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Thanks for reaching. 


It sounds like you might have a duplicate account. We’d suggest taking a look at the steps here to determine whether or not you’re logged into the right one.


If you're unable to find your account, we'd recommend reaching out to one of our support channels so they can take a look at your account.

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Hope this helps!

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