Username is gibberish and not what I set it to when signing up


Username is gibberish and not what I set it to when signing up

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I just got unwillingly transitioned from Groove Music Pass. I decided to see how much your service had of my stored music so I used the Groove program to create a new Spotify account. I chose NOT to use a Facebook account, but instead put in an email, password and username.
After it created the account, I came to the website and tried to log in using the username and password. It failed. I then tried my email and password, which succeeded and took me to my account page that showed that I didn't have the username that your sign up form asked me to come up.
Instead, it is 25 alpha-numeric characters. Then I click on Help to see what is going on, and the name in the upper right of the web page switched from garbage to the username I had selected, but going back to the profile page switched it back to garbage.
Then I find out that a username can't be changed. I then read some threads on it on this forum (because the actual help content doesn't mention this issue at all), and saw that you have had this bug for 6+ years, and that the company line is that it's not a bug.
Right now, I'm not sure if I'm going to bother even trying to play music or look into your service any more deeply after this terrible first impression of the quality of it.


Yours truly,

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Hey @Raistlan,


Thanks for posting to the community, and I'm really sorry you're having this issue. This has been a reoccuring issue with Spotify for many years, as you've said, between Facebook and Spotify, however it seems as though with the recent Groove Music Pass transitions it's also become an errror here.


Have you tried logging in on one of Spotify's apps? If so, does it show this string on alpha-numeric characters? 


I've just cross-checked this username with my Spotify app, and "80roohsv7gqm3hqj87yliu4d1" and "raistlan" show up as accounts, however 80roohsv7gqm3hqj87yliu4d1 displays as "Rainstlan".


If anything goes wrong, post back here and we can see what we can do!



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The Web Player and Windows app list me as "Raistlan", but I have to log in with my email address, logging in as "Raistlan" just fails. The account page also shows me as just 80roohsv7gqm3hqj87yliu4d1.

I have since found out that Spotify doesn't allow more than 10,000 songs in a library, and Groove matched 22,768 songs, so Spotify doesn't work for me, anyway. 😕