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Using Spotify in South Korea

Using Spotify in South Korea




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 I recently moved to Korea from the States and realized that I need to get premium in order to use Spotify here after 2 weeks. So I’m trying to get premium for students but the app says the payment method does not match my country (same happened when I tried non-student service). Apparently Spotify has not officially launched in Korea; does this mean I’m not able to use Spotify while I’m in Korea?

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To sign up you need a working payment method from US. If that doesn't work then it is a must to be physically in the US, at least your account. You very well ask someone there to sign you up for Premium.

Yes, you will need to have Premium to stay signed more than 2 weeks outside the place you created your account, but there is a workaround for it. Use a VPN until you get back.


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