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Using family plan to play from different places

Using family plan to play from different places



I would like to ask if family members are allowed to play from different places than home. For example me and my parents from our workplaces and my sister from her university.


Or if anyone of us can log in from a device on a friend's place. I usually use my phone or the web player from a friends PC to play through his WiFi.


What about playing using cellular connection? Anyone of us could be in different places. I am usually having business trips.


All of us reside in the same home though, so according to FAQ, we shouldn't have problems like the ones mentioned above.

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Hey @stechatzi, welcome to the Community!


That's right, you won't need to worry about any of that. You'll all be able to use your accounts anywhere without an issue. 


Hope that helps clear everything up 🙂

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