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Using spotify in different countries

Using spotify in different countries

Hey all,


Here it's my question: I am Portuguese, living in Germany. I created my spotify in Germany and I wanted to get the Premium. I tried to do it with my PayPal (portuguese account) and it doesn't work because I should have the same country related. I went to Spotify settings and it's IMPOSSIBLE to change the country where you came from. It just appear Germany to me and I can't change and because of that I can't do the subscription of Premium. Did anyone have something similar? How can I fix it?



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Hey @raquelsofiacc90! Welcome to the Community.


In order to purchase Spotify Premium, the country registered in your account and the one for your payment method must be the same. In this case, since you're currently in Germany, you'll need a German payment method in order to subscribe.


On the other hand, your account's country setting depends on your location. This is why you're not currently able to change it to Portugal.


We hope this clears things up. Let us know if you have any other questions, we're here to help 🙂

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