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Hi there 


I signed up to spotify from Australia with a VPN selected to USA.


After two weeks spotify kicks me out saying I am not in the right country. It's weird as the VPN is still selected to USA.


When I go to sign up for premium I can't because my country of membership is USA and it won't recognise the zip code on my credit card.


When I try and change my country in the profile it only allows me to select USA.


I don't want to start another membership and I want to keep all my favourites and playlists.


Anyone got any ideas?



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Hey @craigerko,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

You can change the country with your payment details here. Your payment details will need to be from the country you'd like to change to. It's just to verify you're actually from there.


If you're still having trouble, just contact Customer Support here. They'll be more than happy to help out.

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