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Wanting to cancel subscription.

Wanting to cancel subscription.

Hello there. Been trying to cancel my subscription for a while, but each time I'm reaching the part where it ask me for my password. I type in my facebook password, and it says "incorrect password". I then go ask for my password sent to my email and they say, "this appears to be a facebook account, reset your password on facebook".
Sadly It is my password for facebook-.-

I'm about to contact the bank and make them cancel it

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Could you make sure you're signed out of Facebook, then try again?

Alternatively, could you try and go through a different internet browser? So for example, Google Chrome or Firefox.

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Incorrect password'



tried both. I'm not wanting to be rude, but this is stupid.

Ok, I would suggest getting in touch with our payments team. They'll be able to get it all sorted for you. Just head to 'About us' above, then 'Contact Form'.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

Question answered? Just click 'Accept as solution' to help other users out. Easy.

Who's your Spotify Star?

its doing the same thing to me, will not let me quit!

Contacted my bank and they will take care of this now.

hco-jacobeviolablu- Responses to the cases you opened via our contact form are on their way.


Keep an eye on your inbox for us. 



It is doing the same for me also, saying it will not recognise my password when I know for a FACT that I am inputting the correct one.


I have sent a contact form, but if this is not resolved before spotify steal more money from my account without my consent, I shall be seeking legal advice.


I used to like Spotify, and this was only going to be a temporary cancellation, but now......oh boy, to say I am annoyed is an understatement, I am FUMING.



Mine was ment to be a temporary cancellation aswell. But now it's all hate to spotify.

Hi Jacob,

Meredith from the Spotify Community here--thanks for getting in touch.

I can help you cancel your account, no problem. All I need for you to do is confirm the following details for me:

1. Your date of birth
2. The last four digits of your credit card

I'll then be able to sort this out for you--thanks!


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge

Do I just reply to the email or?






I will check my pay check in 1 hour and 27 minutes. If spotify take some there, I will contact my bank for further meetings with you.

Well I have just tried something that I saw suggested earlier....I normally use IE but tried Google Chrome instead and it has finally now let me unsubscribe.


Very odd that I had to download a different web browser to try and sort this situation, which has basically taken me ALL NIGHT to sort - what a complete pain in the backside.


This has completely altered my view of spotify. To see that SO MANY other people have the same problem of not being able to unsubscribe smells of skullduggery and seems like a way of conning subscribers out of money by not being able to unsubscribe in time so that you end up being fleeced of another £9.99.


Sorry to say I shall never use spotify again. EVER.


 Good luck hco-jacobde in getting it sorted. Maybe try what I did with using another browser?

Thank you for the help, sadly I've tried it. And besides, I spoke to my bank and they said they violate many rules. So if I get charged for another month, my bank will take this further and talk to them. It's against the law and I'm sure they'll get sue'd at some point.

Hi Hco-Jacobde,


I've just responded to your email, but I can see you were also able to successfully cancel yesterday.


Anyone who is still having trouble cancelling please fill out our contact form so our payments team can help ASAP. 

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