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Ways to pay monthly

Ways to pay monthly

I need some help. I have only got a basic account with a cash card used for direct debits and standing orders, and a top up card which has a CVV code on the back but I'm unable to use as a payment card on here. Can I set up a standing order or direct debit please? otherwise I won't be able to have a premium account any more :'(

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Hi @BethanyRose18 and welcome to the Community! 🙂

Have you already checked into using the Paypal option or a gift card/pre-paid CC?

These might be options you could consider. 🙂

Hi there,

The only one which sounds viable is a gift card I think, can I set up regular payments using this?

Thanks for your response by the way! 🙂

Hi again! 🙂

The gift card option is a nice way to go if you wanted to pay ahead. Say, if you get a $30 or $60 one and activate it -  your account would be paid in full for 3-6 months, respectively. 🙂
Unfortunately, it won't auto-deduct payments on a recurring basis since the balance will run out, but if you think this might work for you it is a pretty flexible option.

Hope this helps and have a great day!


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