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What does that abo status mean???

What does that abo status mean???

My abo status says: Du hast ein Abonnement für . Das Abonnement wird am 2013-01-10 automatisch auf Spotify Premium umgestellt und dir werden 9,99 € in Rechnung gestellt, wenn du es nicht vorher kündigst.


What does that mean??? I want to use Spotify free because I want to use the music streaming option from telekom.

Please help me.

Thank you

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I'm not quite sure if Abonnement is the same as a trial version... did you click on free 30 days trial?

Fact is if you don't cancel that, you will be charged at 10.01.2013 for Premium.


You can cancel your subscription here.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes I want to cancel it but on this site there is not that described cancel button. It seem to be a free account at the moment. I used spotify premium and stopped the Dauerauftrag. And now there is this abo status. I don't want to use it as a premium account again because I got the Spotify streaming option from Telekom.

Hmm do you see the option "Abonnement verwalten" - Optionen ansehen  at the bottom?

This is where you usually cancel it.


But looks like you somehow canceled it but it didn't went through completely.

Or this is how the Telekom contract works and you will be charged directly at Spotify? Not sure...


If you don't see that option try the official support with Contact Form. They should be able to clear that.

If you  get an automatic answer, just reply directly to it.

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