What is Casual Listener rank?

What is Casual Listener rank?

Earlier today i got a message from spotify;

<<<Congratulations alisaidk!

As a result of your contributions to the community your new rank is Casual Listener.

If you need help getting started, have a look at our starter guide


Your Spotify Community Team

Visit your profile page to see your rank and other personal stats.>>>

So what is the Casual Listener rank? Why did i earned this?

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Hi alisaidk and welcome to the community!
I hope you are enjoying your time here so far. 🙂

Spotify Community has a rank system that gives every user a different title based on their contribution levels. You rank up by more posts you interact with or create - much like any forum board system likes to rank their users by a title. You can also earn badges that are simply fun "trophies" on your profile that show others your contribution achievements.

The really cool thing with the Spotify system is that if you are a heavy contributor and love to help others solve their issues/questions you could be a good candidate for the Rock Star program. All of the details can be found right here.
I hope this helped explain a little bit more!

You just gave me a standart answer and left my question unanswered.

This should answer your question 🙂




As a Casual Listener (like me), you can change your avatar here on Spotify's Community board!

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