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What's the point of asking you to choose a username?

What's the point of asking you to choose a username?

What is the point of asking us to choose a username in the signup process if you just give a useless 25 string of letters and numbers that means absolutely nothing?  Why even bother asking?  My kids rave about Spotify and my daughter is going to create a family membership for me to join yet adding me to that is going to be a headache.  I have NEVER seen a social media platform with such a useless username system.  I prefer to log in with username as it is easier than my email account.  I don't like linking Facebook to everything as they already know too much about me.  My kids both have usernames instead of this gobblydegook I was given.  Why?


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The name you chose during sign-up is your display name. Everyone else who looks at your profile will see the display name that you chose, however Spotify made the decision to start generating usernames for everyone, and unfortunately there is no way to change your username, therefore it is best to log in with your email address. You can read more about it here.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Unfortunately the display name I chose doesn't show up either.

If your name is common then it might be a bit hard finding you, but anyone stumbles accross your name on a playlist you've created or a following list, it will be your display name.

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