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When I delete an account, will the email address also be deleted?

When I delete an account, will the email address also be deleted?

So I have two accounts: 

Account 1 has a correct username but the wrong email address.

Account 2 has a cryptic username but the right email address.


The question is: if I delete account 2 and with it the right email address, will the eamil address then be free so that I can use it in account 1? 


This seems like the obvious way to handle this, but I have seen services that block an email adress even if the associated account is deleted. If that was the case here I would have no other option than to create a "special" Email address just for Spotify. And I'm not going to do that. 


Does anybody know something about Spotify's preferences here? I have the impression so far that good UX is not something that is on Spotify's agenda so there is a good chance that they have a routine like the one I described that simply blocks an email even if the account it came with is gone.  


Thanks for any input.


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Hi @Spotifytrial


You should be able to use the same email address after deleting one of your accounts. If it's an account with Premium subscription, make sure to cancel it first. 


Then you can change the email address associated with your Spotify account following this steps. 


  • Log in to your account page.
  • Under Email, enter your new email address.
  • Confirm your password.

A confirmation email will be sent to both the old and new email address detailing the changes.


You can read more on that in this Support Article

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