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Where did all my Artists go?

Where did all my Artists go?

Been a premium user for quite some time with a few hiccups here and there.  This issue has not resolved itself as most in the past have.  


All my "artists" have disapeared for over a month now.  Sometimes I want to listen to a shuffle of a particular artists song so normally I go to "artists"...find said musician and hit shuffle.  All playlists and songs are the same....but my "artists" tabe is empty and wants me to re-add artists individually.  Yea no lol.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...and yes I have reset my password and re-installed twice.  

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Hi @3k-s05tptr_a3!


Here's a potential solution I found from browsing through other threads that you could try out:


Hope this'll sort out the problem,



Appreciate the link!  Unfortuantely it did not fix my issue but...I have the Spotify app on my laptop now becasue of that thread lol.  Thanks again!


No problem!

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