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Where has my account gone?

Where has my account gone?

I have an account that i love which i think has an account number 1121974459. It has over 1000 songs in it and loads of playlists. I use it for hours every day.


HOWEVER today i have had no end of problems


1) I opened up spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it asked me to log in again using my facebook details. I did this and then i got told i now needed to sign up with my username. I tried to enter what i thought would be my usernames and passwords but nothing worked. Evenetually i got through all of the above but now my playlists have all disappeared, along with all my music.


2) I have been on my iPad and on my laptop to try and fix what is happening but everytime i now log in it takes me to an alias account which has no playlists in it; but is still in my name (and uses the same facebook profile picture etc).


Have my accounts all got confused?


I really want to keep Spotify but i won't if all my playlists have gone/i can't get access to my account under reference 1121974459.


For the time being i have cancelled a running Spotify Premium subscription until this gets sorted. For some reason the premium subscription was also linked in with the alias account with no playlists in it.


It does seem like things have got confused.


My friend says she CAN see my account 1121974459 with the playlists, so it is there. I attach a screen grab below to proof my account is still there with the playlists, followers and who i am following. I took that from the alias account that will allow me access but has no playlists


It is all very confusing (screen grab proving the account stille exists - the reference 1121974459







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Think i have sorted it. I've synced everything to this alias. It also transferred my premium to this account. I'm happy to leave it as it is now. As long as I'm only paying one premium fee

Hey there.

Thanks for sharing your solution with Community.

If you need to make sure you have now only one subscription, check this with Customer service using form.

Let me know if I can help you somehow.

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