Where is the player?!???


Where is the player?!???


I have spotify installed. I'm registered. I was able to use it on my last hard drive but since having a new hard drive installed I've had to re-install spotify. Okay, fine. I've done that. BUT I CAN'T GET TO THE PLAYER! WHERE IS IT? What do I click on to get to it. I sign in and at the top of the page I see the green square spotify logo and then black buttons with What is spotify Get spotify Mobile Community etc. What the hell do I click on for the player????  HELP - 'cause I'm about done here.

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Re: Where is the player?!???


Prettyflamingo - Welcome to the Community! Spotify is an application, which means it doesn't play though a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Once you've created your account, you can download the Spotify software from http://www.spotify.com/download/

You can install Spotify on as many computers as you like.

Once you've installed the Spotify software, and launched the application for the first time, simply enter your Spotify or Facebook details and start listening!

Remember - you can log in to your Spotify account on any copy of Spotify. If you're using someone else’s copy, make sure you log out when you’ve finished.


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