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Where's the search bar


Where's the search bar

I have registered, chosen the free version, and am logged in, but cannot see a search bar anywhere.  There is no Spotify icon on my do I actually get started with searching for songs?


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Thanks Ray. I appreciate your help. Gary

I am totally confused.  I went through the entire registration process and get a home page full of adverts and complex option... no simple search bar

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THANK YOU! I also had to read the entire thread. I was using the search bar, rebooted and then LOST the search bar. I did not realize you *can't navigate to spotify using the web browswer* but have to use the application. what a supreme hassle.


And I think people were criticizing what seemed to be a spotify moderater, perhaps masquerading as a communty user. The least they could do would be to: make this stuff more obvious and user-friendly in the first place followed by having a paid modereator (which I suspect they do, and suspect this is the guy who kept answering.)

I'm like the rest of you. Where on earth is the search bar ?

I'm on the ACCOUNTS page and there is nowhere to go. The only choices are DOWNLOAD, which I did ages ago; HELP, which is no use whatsoever; and PREMIUM for FAMILY, which I don't want.

Even worse - In COMMUNITY, there seems to be a SOLUTION somewhere but I can't find that either.

Not only is the SPOTIFY app usless, but this support forum seems to be just as bad !


If it is any help when I open spotify now this is the page that opens.

Capture spot 2.jpg
Capture spot 2.jpg

Thanks for that. Spotify seems to open at the page where you closed it. So if I chanced on a useful page before closing I can do something, but if I closed in frustration on a page that I could not escape from, it's not helpful.

We closed the web browser and then the search bar showed up on the app like usual. 

Someone said that SEARCH is not available in BROWSE mode, which explains a lot. Now I have to find out how to exit BROWSE. Why did SPOTIFY make browse and search different when they are almost the same thing?

What a supreme pain in the rear. Enough for me to firmly take Spotify premium off the table for consideration. This is a really terrible experience for your customers and potential premium customers.

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