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Which trial is free?!

Which trial is free?!

I signed up 10/7 for the premium free trial. it gave me 7 days. Within a few hours, it gave me an email offer of 30 free days. I tried to sign up for it this morning, entered my payment information, and now I still need to cancel my subscription by 10/14 or be charged, when it should really be 11/7. The lack of account assistance really freaking sucks too. It took me 30 min to be able to make it let me post this. This is why I quit using Spotify in the first place. I just want my THIRTY days free, not 7. 

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Hey @missmanda9109, welcome to the Community!


The 30-day free trial will kick in and start running as soon as the 7-day free trial you activated first is over. This means that on top of the month, you're getting a week too.


Hope that clears things up.  

I sure hope so!! Thank you!

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