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Who here has been hacked?

Who here has been hacked?

Today I was listening to music on my phone, and all of the sudden my music kept pausing by itself. After repeatingly unpausing the music after it keeps pausing, all the sudden latino music started blasting through my headphones. I check the "other devices" tab, and see that music is playing on "iPhone de (hispanic name)" and instantly knew that someone else was on my account.


Long story short, I ended up changing my password and signing all of the devices out, but it angers me that technology gives people access to do these types of things, as my Dad's email and Amazon account was also hacked 2 days ago.


Similar experiences for you guys, perhaps?

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My playlists were deleted and replaced with one called "PlayList G0d"

that had rap music I'd never listen to.  Not sure what happened, but I, too, signed out everywhere.  Wish it would tell you were the other logins are coming from.

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