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Who is King Colee on spotify?

Who is King Colee on spotify?

It seems like its J cole and Logic mixed together into one artist?? Is this a record label doing this or some random person?

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Hiya there, I did some digging around today. I stumbled across an album which claims to be created by King Colee. However, it was just Logic's "Welcome To Forever" Album under the name. After listing to both albums together I can sorter confirm that I believe King Colee is just a cover artist as he adds his own Vocals onto the album.


Think its safe to say Logic has no connection with this music artist what so ever. However.....could be J.Cole? 


If you want to compare them check out Logic's "Welcome To Forever" Album here -

it’s definitely logic, all the songs on the king colee undisputed album is on logics undeniable mixtape. 

king colee isn’t logic but all of the songs are logics

So why is it that most of Cole unreleased work under the account?

King Colee sounds exactly like J. Cole on logics instrumentals under the name of King Colee


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