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Why Aren't My Songs & Activity Showing Up In Other's Friend Feed!?

Why Aren't My Songs & Activity Showing Up In Other's Friend Feed!?

I am so angry. I have been a premium Spotify user for years and always thought that my songs were showing up on my followers/friends Friend Feed. I recently saw a friend of mine's desktop app open and I wasn't on there at all, despite listening for hours every single day on the desktop app and phone app. I asked them if I ever show up and they said they have NEVER seen me there, yet all of their other followers are there. I constantly see my friend's songs playing in my feed, but how come I am not showing up in theirs? I honestly went years thinking that people could see my songs/playlists from there and feel like a fool! I recently noticed that other's are having issues with the friend feed. 

What is going on!? I have my activity set to share. How do I fix this issue? It really bugs me that I am a paying member and I am dealing with this! I would like to speak to someone on the phone regarding this but I'm not seeing a place to do that.

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Hey @rebecca1144! Thanks for coming to the community for help 🙂

Don't worry! It seems like this is just a temporary issue many people are experiencing, and they're looking into the bug here. If you want to keep up to date, I'd suggest adding a comment to that thread, and it should be fixed soon!


Hopefully this helps! (and if it does, marking this as a "solution" will make it easier for others with the same problem to find)

Thank you but I just heard from someone else they never see my feed! I am
the one paying for the account and everyone else is on my friend feed and I
am not on theirs! This is sooo infuriating to me. I really do not want to
pay for Spotify anymore. There has to be something they can do for me or I
am dropping my account. If I could speak to someone over the phone about
it, it would help out a lot.

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