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Why Can't I Find Release Radar?

Why Can't I Find Release Radar?

Doesn't appear consistently within the UI. Can't search or locate by browsing.


New UI is **bleep** also bring back the inbox.



Longtime listener, first time caller.

3 Replies

does anyone know where i can get a job, besides spotify, where i produce something that is progressively worse each time and still get to keep my job and pretend its a good product??   as WEAK as it is where is my release radar?

Hey guys!

Here's a support article about the Release Radar playlist:

It includes some information you may want to read about where to find the playlist and why it may be missing.


Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂

Hi :). if you want to find release radar it is usually under the 'Browse' section in your menu bar and next to your 'Discover Weekly' playlist
Himani 🙂

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