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Why can't we play on more than one device?


Why can't we play on more than one device?

Just recently have I noticed that I can only play on one device at a time.


Me and my girlfriend have completely different music tastes though we usually share the same spotify account.


I was playing some music on my computer and as soon as my girlfriend who was sitting basically right next to me tried to play some other music, it paused my playback and refuses to play two at the same time.


I am VERY dissapointed by this and after this month I will be leaving spotify until this has been resloved, it should atleast allow 2-3 devices active at one time nevermind blocking more than one, especially with the very dated song selection which is rediculous at £9.99 a month.


The £9.99 a month plan also sells the plan by showing a photo of MULTIPLE devices next to each other, VERY misleading.

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I am new to Spotify and have been using the trial period to get better acquainted with the service. 


I have several audio systems and bluetooth speaker systems around the house. I would like to be able to play the exact same music around the house. Is this possible? Is there a **bleep** way to set this up?


Thank you for your support. 

Hey @Eric-Jean


It's not possible to do it yet. Please vote for this idea, and add a comment there, so it may be considered. Any update on the matter should be posted there. 🙂

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You wont get a better music player ANYWHERE !


This is BS.  I have 3 Invokes in my home.  As I am cleaning house I move from room to room.   I should be able to play my songs on all my 3 devices simultaneously.    This is my account my devices.  I am not sharing the account.   As I travel through the home I have to constantly tell the next device to start my play list which starts over.   This **bleep**.


Perhaps they are to busy on Stock Exchange business ??

I have three Sonus speakers around the house, so I can play Spotify in various rooms as long as I remember to select them using my Sonus controller. BUT if I have Spotify running in the background on my PC, then I have to go and switch it off. Annoying !

It is misleading Liam, ease up and keep it classy. 

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