Why can't we play on more than one device?


Why can't we play on more than one device?

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Just recently have I noticed that I can only play on one device at a time.


Me and my girlfriend have completely different music tastes though we usually share the same spotify account.


I was playing some music on my computer and as soon as my girlfriend who was sitting basically right next to me tried to play some other music, it paused my playback and refuses to play two at the same time.


I am VERY dissapointed by this and after this month I will be leaving spotify until this has been resloved, it should atleast allow 2-3 devices active at one time nevermind blocking more than one, especially with the very dated song selection which is rediculous at £9.99 a month.


The £9.99 a month plan also sells the plan by showing a photo of MULTIPLE devices next to each other, VERY misleading.


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Spotify accounts are licensed for personal usage only (not just from Spotify, but those agreements also cover the content from the record labels and how plays are compensated), so account sharing is not allowed. Since you can't be in two places at the same time, you can only have one active stream open at any given time. There is no restriction on how many devices you can use your premium subscription on, just not at the same time sadly! 



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I understand it is for "personal use". Personally I am confused as I have had a Premium account for over 3 years now and never had this issue. All of the sudden I am no longer to listen to my music while my teenager is listening to hers. In reference to your comment telling the gentleman his girlfriend should be paying for her own. Is this something you propose I do as well? I purchased the Premium account because of this capability of listening on two or three different devices. Seems rather expensive for me to pay for three single devices for three different accounts, dont you think? Personally I am reconsidering my decision as well. The simple logic is I would save money deleting my account and adding 10$ to my phone company to add mb. I certainly will not pay 30$ a month and its utterly ridiculous for you to suggest any one to do such a thing. PREMIUM means thats the top of the line that you have to offer. This certainly calls for a meeting of the minds to clarify what you can offer as far as "Family or Premium plans" are concerned. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. BLESSED BE.

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what if we have a family acount - just so that someone can be in one room listening on google home and i can be some place else listening on my phone or computer?



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