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Why can't we play on more than one device?


Why can't we play on more than one device?

Just recently have I noticed that I can only play on one device at a time.


Me and my girlfriend have completely different music tastes though we usually share the same spotify account.


I was playing some music on my computer and as soon as my girlfriend who was sitting basically right next to me tried to play some other music, it paused my playback and refuses to play two at the same time.


I am VERY dissapointed by this and after this month I will be leaving spotify until this has been resloved, it should atleast allow 2-3 devices active at one time nevermind blocking more than one, especially with the very dated song selection which is rediculous at £9.99 a month.


The £9.99 a month plan also sells the plan by showing a photo of MULTIPLE devices next to each other, VERY misleading.

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@ Stevob

Ehhhm you and your girlfriend are two seperate people right? Why should one of you get a freebie?

 It is misleading. So don't act like it's not. 


I can't afford spotify premium but if my friends and I pitch in money, we can afford it. And, we can all use the ame account on different devices. it was the perfect idea, but spotify ruined it! Thanks Spotify you are the best 😞


i agree tis is very misleading, my 6 year old wans to listen to something diffeent to me, does he also need an account?



if you want to listen at the same time, you both need each an account.

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I canceled my premium account and went with iTunes .
Now all my kids can listen to diferent song ,share playlist and even apps.
Sorry Spotify 😞

Guys ,


Simply make your songs available offline


then turn your cell phone data off for spotify


then you could listen to the songs any where and on how many devices you want


i do this because i have 2 ipads and iphone and ipod


and i use  spotify under the same account on offline mode and it works..




and for spotify mods



no your wrong you can be at 2 places at the same time... 


like me i have 4 devices which supports spotify if im having a party in my house and i want to have my guests choose their song on one part of the house and another choose their songs on another part of the house. how is that going to work would you want me 2 pay for 2 subcriptions? Unfair?


But since spotify depends on internet connectivity to know that your using it , simply use offline mode. THanks! hope this helps

I have spotify family plan and I still cannot play it at the same time in two different places (devices).  Shouldn't the family plan allow this?



Each family member has to have a separate username and password.


The account that pays then links the other family members to the plan through the spotify website.


More detailed instructions on how to do that can be found on the FAQ:!/article/spotify-family


After that, each family member will be able to listen to music at the same time, have different playlists, library and friends.

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I also found it very misleading, and quite dissappointing, for we bought Spotify so the whole family could enjoy music. I find that is it unfair that this is a thing, it's not that we are "giving everyone our spotify account," we are mearly trying to listen to music that we have payed for. I enjoy music that some other people in my family don't enjoy, and If we have to pay more money, then the system s flawed.

A family deal would be a great way to solve this solution, except that it sn't available in every country.

How does it work with Sonos then from a licensing point of view ?


I can listen to 3 different tracks in 3 different rooms at the same time in the same house but not from 2 different phones in the same house




I just noticed this too. It is misleading. Why can you use 2 devices on Netflix for about the same price but I can't use 2 devices on spotify simultaneously? Netflix also says "personal use" but they allow 2 devices active at the same time. Why do you say you can use 3 devices and download 3333 songs but you can't use them at the same time. Ridiculous. Might switch to something else over this.

yes indeed it is misleading!

can we play online on one device an off line on another?


Yes - as long as you have the second device offline with music cached (I think you're allowed 3 devices with things offline) you're golden.


But that isnt' the point - the restriction is silly and no sensible solution is offered.


I cannot make this work. Switched to "family" a couple days ago and then invited my wife who's accepted. We are unable to play on two different devices. Any idea how to fix this?

Hey @Sahiim,


Try logging into both, your wife's and your Spotify profiles on your browsers here with your emails. Your usernames will be displayed after each one login.


After that, each of you should check the status of your subscriptions. If everything looks ok, logout of the app in your devices, and be sure to use that username (each one should have a different username), instead of your email addresses, to login to your accounts. Those are the ones with the Premium features.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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Lets start asking the important questions like when can we get the ability to stream the same music to multiple devices on the same network.  This is rediculous that we can't have this and there has been literally no explanation.  WHY DOES SPOTIFY HATE WHOLE HOUSE MUSIC?!

I have just fallen into the trap of upgrading to premium thinking we could all now listen to our own playlists. Just about to get on a plane so very unhappy children. How do I down grade?



This was actually easy. First I created email adresses to everyone in the family, and then I send out invitations to each one. Finally I created new accounts on Spotify for them. We can now play multiple devices whenever we want. Now the price increase to family account is well worth the money!



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