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Why cant I cancel my Spotify premium through iTunes or the website? HELP!!

Why cant I cancel my Spotify premium through iTunes or the website? HELP!!







Ipad Mini 4

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iOS 12


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Im on my iPad and I paid for the three month $0.99 premium subscription. It ends on 9/27/18 and I’m well aware of that and want to cancel it early so I won’t have to worry about anything but I can’t cancel it on the Spotify  website (I can’t see the cancel button anywhere) and when I go in to my Apple ID I can’t see my subscriptions! It’s like they’re not even there. I also tried in the iTunes Store and still no luck. My payment method was PayPal. I’m panicking now! What should I do?


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I don‘t know if i can help you but to try. Did you search for your subscriptions like that:


settings -> your name -> Itunes & appstore -> go on your apple-ID on the top -> view apple ID -> subcriptions


If not then I was happy to help. If you did I am sorry I can‘t help you either.


The only thing i can recommend is to go on our paybal conto maybe you can find something there. Or just ask the apple or spotify team to help


Best wishes


Ouh and here is the link to execute your subcriptions

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work. But I will check my paypal! Thanks anyways!


I just checked and it said my retailer was Spotify. Does this mean anything because I still can’t cancel my Spotify premium through the website. Al it tells me is that my premium ends on 9/27/18, would I like to keep premium and my payment method (PayPal).

If you've authorized Paypal for Spotify Premium and you can't cancel within iTunes (you have an iphone I'm assuming?). This could be an issue you could solve internally with paypal.


If everything else fails follow these steps (In desktop):

1) Login to Paypal

2) Select "Tools" from the top Dropdown menu

3) Select "Recurring Payments"

4) You will see a line that says "You can manage the automatic payments you have with other merchants from My preapproved payments page."

5) Click "My preapproved payments"

6) Scroll thru all your preapproved payments and look for Spotify

7) Click the highlighted "Spotify"
😎 Click Cancel


Hope this helps

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