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Why cant i charge spotify to my phone bill (sprint)

Why cant i charge spotify to my phone bill (sprint)

I loved spotify until now that ive changed my number it wont let me charge it to my sprint accout. Is there a way i can re set my account to have it be re charged to my sprint bill
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Hey @Heablk88

Thanks for reaching over to us.

If you have a subscription offer from Sprint, we'd recommend reaching out to the Sprint team directly. Alternatively reach to our contact form below:

Let us know the 8 digit case # on this thread and we'll make sure it gets over to the right team 🙂

i have that same issue .. i had it on my sprint for forever and one motnth i hit stop by mistake and now i cant get it back to go on my sprint bill ... how do i fix that 

Sprint no longer offers Spotify support. You gotta contact Spotify now. Which sucks, because I need to upgrade to a family plan and it won't let me online without cancelling my membership through Sprint. Which means I won't get the same deal. And then spotify doesn't really have a number to call which is extremely inconvenient. All of this is just inconvenient. I've been with Spotify too long for this.

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