Why does Spotify have access to iTunes?


Why does Spotify have access to iTunes?


So I did get some help and have turned off the link between Spotify and iTunes, but I do wonder why Spotify would do such a thing without making it obvious? Sure, maybe some people like the idea of importing the iTunes playlists, etc, but I personally can’t stand the idea of a company deciding to link whatever is on your computer when you first log in... I think it should give you an option first. Companies ask for too much information anymore in my opinion.


So what I’m asking is not how to separate them, but rather, why would they connect them in the first place? 


It is this this reason why I haven’t used Spotify in over 6 months... It seems so invasive. 

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Re: Why does Spotify have access to iTunes?


Hey @JiminV, welcome to the Community!


Just to be sure, are you concerned about why Spotify automatically imports your iTunes library into a playlist? 


If so, this is just so users don't need to do the process manually. This is also done automatically for local files depending on your settings.


You can change these settings on your desktop app by going to Settings > Local Files. 


If that's not the case, get back to us with more info to see what we can suggest.