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Why have I been allocated a new username after attempting to change password?

Why have I been allocated a new username after attempting to change password?


So I already have inadvertantly created 2 spotify accounts, one using my e-mail address and one using facebook.

My music stopped playing because my account was appreantly being used on another device. I therefore attempted to change my password. Initially I couldn't do this as there was no e-mail attached to my facebook generated account (there's also a fictitious DOB). 

I followed links to add my e-mail address and change the password. When I logged back in, my username had changed from my actual name which matched facebook, to a username involving numbers and letters.

Have I now created a 3rd account or has spotify changed my username on my existing account? How can I find out how many accounts I have and close the superfluous accounts?


I'm pretty flipping annoyed at how difficult it is to do anything on spotify.



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Hi @Gallicgirl,


Thanks for reaching out to the community! I have experienced something similar myself. It's unlikely that there was a third account made for you. The account names on Spotify are normally a series of random numbers and letters. You can find out more about the changing of a Spotify username via this link. You'll know how many accounts you have by looking through the inboxes of the emails that were used to sign up with.


Hope this will help, if not, don't hesitate to reach out to the community again!


Best wishes,



Spotify is no longer the same as before... you can no longer customize a username. Spotify assigns random usernames to each users.

Thanks for the attempt to answer. I signed up with Facebook so didn't have an email address connected until I added it today. I have assumed it's my existing account though as my playlists etc are still there.

I don't understand why it's changed the name on my existing account though.

Hey there @Gallicgirl,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community about this!


There's a useful Spotify Answer that explains why your Spotify account's displayed name might have changed into a number.


If you're using a desktop or Android device to log in the app, you can follow the steps provided in this support site article to double check how many accounts you've made with us using information stored on your device. 


To avoid further confusion, we'd suggest closing any accounts you're not using by following the steps here. If you have playlists or Saved music you'd like to transfer over to your remaining account, you can easily follow the steps in this Spotify Answer.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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