Wife is currently deployed overseas; cant join duo account?

Wife is currently deployed overseas; cant join duo account?


My wife is currently serving in the military overseas, and after inviting her to join a duo account so she could enjoy some music, she was told she couldnt join due to her current location. She entered the correct address and everything. Is there anything we can do? 


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Hey @GaryKhodi, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


You mentioned she is serving in the military overseas at the moment. Joining a Premium Duo plan will only work if they reside at the same physical address as you or they're at the same physical address as you during signup.

In that case, whenever she gets back - you can always invite her again following the steps here > Invite and remove members section. 


There is some more information on the Premium Duo plan here as well.


I hope this helps.

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No this doesn't help actually,


I have the same sort of issue. My wife is overseas and id like us to both be able to listen to the same music together at the same time.  For people who are separated, the Duo plan seems really antisocial as you both need to gap it to your own rooms and listen to music separately on your own accounts which would be great if you were arguing and choose to be antisocial.  Why is there not an international  plan where 2 people can listen to the same music at the same time, irrespective of their country? 


clarification: what's the principle behind mandating that premium duo comes with the same physical address? maybe in understanding the principle can one suggest a suitable solution.

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