[Windows, Android] Apps don't cooperate


[Windows, Android] Apps don't cooperate



last days I have a problem with app cooperation. I am using Spotify free on my mobile and notebook.
The problem looks like apps aren't connected at all. While I am listening is almost everything OK. Now I am listening on my notebook. I can switch or pause songs. But if I "like" a song, it appears only in one device - and it is not rememberred when I start listening next time (like it was before). Also account cannot remember what song/time I stopped listening (it doesn't deppend on device I am listening at). It looks like it stopped few days ago - according to the song what starts playing when I open app.

Both apps are up-to-date


Thank you

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Re: [Windows, Android] Apps don't cooperate


Hey @MAPO2195, welcome to the Community!


What devices and operating systems are you using? Did this start after a recent app update? 


Does logging out and back in on both devices make a difference? You can also try reinstalling following these steps.


Let us know if that helps.