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Won't Accept Credit Card Information


Won't Accept Credit Card Information

I'm trying to throw my money at Spotify and get Premium but it keeps saying there's an error whenever I put my credit card information. Now I'm no online shopping pro but shouldn't I need to put more information other than card number, expiration date and CVC? I had the very same problem with Steam when I tried to add my credit card (same card by the way) and it was because the name tied to my credit card was "Darryl S. Hornan Soto" and I was typing in "Darryl Hornan Soto". Problem is that Spotify doesn't even ask for your name.


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I persisted and kept entering the info over a months' time span and hit it
just right I guess - I'm back in! A pain for sure.....

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I contacted customer support and they solved the issue for me. The root of the problem was that you cannot use the same credit card for more than one account. If you try to do that then any further payment will get temporary blocked. There might be some info about this credit card restriction, but certainly it was not shown on the payment page. I think Spotify need to be more clear about this restriction.

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Hey @raito463 How's everything going? Hope you're well! First up, let me welcome you to the community! 🙂

It's always worth checking your payment card meets these requirements:!/article/problems-paying-for-spotify-by-card

If you have continued troubles let us know, we'd love to help out wherever possible. 🙂

Good luck!

A "quick fix" might be to tie the card to PayPal, then use PayPal to pay (which is the same price) providing PayPal is available as a payment method in your country.

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So I am frustrated. I called my bank and they said that they are not declining Spotify charges. My country is the same as on Spotify account and on my credit card. My credit card has never had an issue and the subscription should not be declining my card. Help help....this should not be so hard

I am having the exact same issue and have called the credit card company and all is fine and they haven't declined any charges.  I've tried several of my cards and nothing works!!!

I'll apologize in front of my response.  But this was dumbest response ever.  Of course i contacted my credit card company.  If a 9.99 charge can't go thru, then that would result in a major problem on my end.  But there is no problem at the credit card end, it's spotify's problem.  I'm just asking, but if an app like spotify can't get there credit card payment system working and it takes days, i mean dayyyssssss to get no response other than to go and see what i've read a dozen times about contacting my credit card company, then you spotify have a real problem.  Seriously, you can't tell that i want to use spotify?  I have tried a dozen times to upgrade.....worse yet, i had this service renew every month.  I don't have a new credit card, mine did not expire....nothing on my end. 




I have the exact same problem.  I have been a loyal customer for a long time and have gotten very dependent on Spotify Premium. Now you won't except the credit card you have been accepting.  The main problem I have is Spotify Free sucks!  Fix this ASAP or I will find another service.

Same exact issue here:

Its been happening since the end of FEB.

I have had a recurring family plan working for close to 6 months.

then one day it declined, called my credit card and same as all of you.

They did not get a charge from Spotify. everything fine on the credit cards end..

Then after writing to Spotify, just like all of you wait days to get a reply with a super friendly

start to their email and get no where even close to getting this super basic problem fixed.

several more email exchanges until finally I get one that vaguely tells me the issue is on their end.

And tehy are aware of it and trying to fix it.

They ask me if I would just sign up via Paypal it would make things easier.

BUT NO, I want it through my bussiness card so I can expense it.

Finally last month they give me a free 30 day trial while they fix the issue

and tell me to wait the 30 days and as soon as its over try
the card again.

same proble remains.

Spotify cant get their systems working.


I just sent a long email to them will wait like 3 more days to get another friendly useless responce.

WTF Spotify!

I just want my playlists.

I too will go somehere else if you cannot figure this out,


Well, its seems like a known issue. Even for customers outside the US like myself. Ive tried with 4 different crecit cards now, visa, master card and american express and with all it says the same. Evidently it is NOT a credit card or end user bank problem. Now, has anyone found a solution yet? I have only tried to reset my family subscription but not a personal. Do you know if it would work?
So I think it is useless to write an email to Spotify, where they dont actually care for the problem.

I am so unpleased with this service but no answer has been given not via email, twitter or whatsoever.

The paypal method works and fixes it?

Well does anyone actually know the root if the problem they are having.
Its not a country thing.
Its not the credit card problem.
Does it have to do with our accounts?
Do I need to register a new account?



Read this:!/article/problems-paying-for-spotify-by-card



Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.

If you still have not gotten a reply:

Did you get a confirmation email from the contact form? It should be similar to "Spotify Support Case #XXXXXXX". If so, reply back to that email and tell them you still need help.


If you got an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it saying you still need help, even if it's from a no-reply address.


If you never got an email, look in your spam folder to see if there is an email in there. Make sure you are checking the email account you used to sign up to Spotify. You can check the email on your account here.

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Same Issue....


This is the most ubsurd issue I have ever had with any company in the history of my life. Blatant refusal to even look into the problem by support staff.


Sounds like a conspiracy to rid the company of having to pay to process credit cards in order to save money. If everyone just uses paypal it will be cheaper for spotify.


Not to mention that using paypal to get the student discount is all but impossible unless im missing something??


-Spotify's new #1 hater



This same issue happened to my wife, she just created another account and now it is happening to me.  I contacted support and they gave me a jolly canned answer almost like they didn't read my issue.


"try another browser" "buy yourself a gift card" "try another payment method" "sign up for premium"


I did try another browser

I am not going to buy myself a gift card so I can use your service

I tried all of my credit cards and I am not going to sign up for paypal


How about you find the problem and fix it instead of you sending me workarounds?  Is there a bug for this?


I would be more than willing to have someone call me and we can walk through the steps identifying the issue.

Same issue. Why is it so hard for them to take my money. It is like they rather not have my business.

Same issue. Why is it so hard for them to take my money. It is like they rather not have my business. And like everyone else that posted before me, I keep getting the same BS emails telling me to check with my credit card company or buy their darn gift cards. I might as well go back to Pandora.

same problem here. Neither CC nor Paypal is being accepted. Most annoying thing ever

Spotify won't accept my credit card. I've been trying to get spotify premium for a month already but it keeps on saying "Oops, seems your card or payment provider is having a bad day. Don't worry, no money has been charged. Try again or use another payment method." 

I just got a new chip card from my bank so I had to get new card details, which unfortnatly means having to deal with this issue thats never been bothered to be fixed. Does anyone know of another good music service like spotify? 

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