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Won't Accept Credit Card Information


Won't Accept Credit Card Information

I'm trying to throw my money at Spotify and get Premium but it keeps saying there's an error whenever I put my credit card information. Now I'm no online shopping pro but shouldn't I need to put more information other than card number, expiration date and CVC? I had the very same problem with Steam when I tried to add my credit card (same card by the way) and it was because the name tied to my credit card was "Darryl S. Hornan Soto" and I was typing in "Darryl Hornan Soto". Problem is that Spotify doesn't even ask for your name.


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I persisted and kept entering the info over a months' time span and hit it
just right I guess - I'm back in! A pain for sure.....
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I persisted and kept entering the info over a months' time span and hit it
just right I guess - I'm back in! A pain for sure.....

MN, thx for the encouragement! Spotify cancelled our subscription and put us on a 1-month free trial for continuity of service. When that ends, we are supposed to try to re-enter our CC info. That's their work-around for an obvious problem on their end.

Well at least you were able to get the month....I had no ability to contact
them and lost Spotify for the month as I tried to re-enter continually -
hope you get it resolved after your month!!

So after a month off, Spotify decided to accept my CC info and I'm back to
premium! Crazy for a company who's survival depends on converting free
users to paying subscribers...

Same Issue here .. My creit cards were declined and eventually I had to order spotify gift card from amazon ..... which was much easier and hassle free ...


If spotify solves the creit card problem they will have a lot more customers .....

Why I can't use my debit card to pay for spotify new acc. It had been used before

Another dude who can't get spotify to accept my debit card over here.  It's crazy because their Roku app sucks so hard too, it's like they're trying to tank the company on purpose.  I've never seen anything like this from another tech company.  If any dude at Spotify reads this stuff, I'm sorry, it must really blow there.  If I'm trying to get you paid and the top brass is like nah, F that guy's money...


Meanwhile I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber and they're undercutting you with the price on their streaming music service and I've got an Echo Dot, and they're pushing all their apps on every platform.  It's very hard to resist.


I'd have abandoned Spotify like yesterday if Amazon had a way to port over my saved music and playlists.  If they figure out how to do that, I might have to bail hard on this.  Since I can't give you money for some reason, I might be forced to jump ship anyway!


Spotify wouldn’t accept my credit card and after days of trying unsuccessfully, I got a similar account with Deezer (premium family) - card accepted first try no issues.


Spotify - you need to fix this as you have likely not just lost my business but others too.....

SAD! as someone else might say... Agree, this has been an issue for way too long, with no apparent move to fix.

Yeah, I have tried to get Spotify to accept my new card (since the old one is expiring this month), but with no success.

How the h*ll can a tech company like Spotify fail at such a simple thing as a credit card regististragtion in the year 2017?? And then try to blame it on the issuing bank (I used the new card on multiple sites the same day, Netflix, Apple etc). 

Well, I've been on the fence wether to go over to Apple Music or not. So if this error persists until my subscription ends, I'll switch to a service that works.

I'm having this problem and it's Nov. 2017.  What is wrong with this company? Spotify needs to get it's act together!!!  Any ideas (besides using PayPal) to get around this?

None that I've found

Hi, Spotify isn´t accepting my credit card and it works on every page. 

My country, Chile, doesn`t have the paypal method to pay. 


Unfortunately, as you have seen from the string, this is a recurring problem that Spotify either doesn't care about, or can't fix. You can call support and they may be able to sort you out, but short of that, I don't have an answer.


Now for the "good news": I've recently decided to close my Spotify account (for these and other reasons) and move to Apple Music. This left me with a familiar question: What happens to all my playlists? Happy to report that I found an elegant solution to this: an App called Houdini, which is available for purchase ($3.99) on the App Store. In about 3-minutes, I transferred the playlists I wanted from Spotify to Apple Music flawlessly.


Don't think you are stuck w/ Spotify. It's a beautiful product, but the fact that so many of us have battled with this issue and they done nothing fix it, finally convinced me to make the shift.


Good luck eveyone!



Hi my dad wants to buy Familly premium but it keps saying its wrong and wont take the credit card? HELP!


Wish I could. Spotify has legendary CC authorization issues. I found it so
frustrating I moved to Apple Music. And don’t be scared that you will
strand your Spotify playlists if you switch. These can be seemlessly
transferred via a $4 App called Houdini. Good luck.

New dumbassery, Renewed for a year at 99.00 then 5 minutes later with the

same CC tryed to buy a gift card for Christmas as guess what ..... yep

not the reciept for the first purchase.......Spotify obviusly does not

know what tthe problem is OR how to fix it CC processing fee's are not be


Sorry to hear that, but not surprised... Good luck. As you may have seen, I have moved to Apple Music.

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