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Won't Accept Credit Card Information


Won't Accept Credit Card Information

I'm trying to throw my money at Spotify and get Premium but it keeps saying there's an error whenever I put my credit card information. Now I'm no online shopping pro but shouldn't I need to put more information other than card number, expiration date and CVC? I had the very same problem with Steam when I tried to add my credit card (same card by the way) and it was because the name tied to my credit card was "Darryl S. Hornan Soto" and I was typing in "Darryl Hornan Soto". Problem is that Spotify doesn't even ask for your name.


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To the Spotify mods that are (or perhaps are not) reading this thread, you have three years of a well documented problem here. Fix it. 


You lost my business today. 

Yeah i just had the same problem. I tried to gift 12 months premium but credit card rejected. 2 different cards. **bleep** load of limit .... no problem my side. i don't deal with idiot companies so i am gifting something else. never come across a buisness that does not want money ... any way. pis off

Hi There, I also have a similar problem. I read through the solutions but I can't determine which solution I should do. Do you know any that I could possibly do? Please give me an answer. 

I have the same problem. It is strange to encounter a very popular business to not accept a customers money. I'm trying to pay for the premium while discount still lasts until New Years. Do you have a solution? 

My solution was to switch to Apple Music and move my playlists via a great
$4 App call Houdini. The only other advice I can give you is to call
Spotify Support. If you can get through, they can sometimes reset your
account. Good luck!

I don't mean to be sarcastic, but my honest answer is Apple Music. I had
the same problem and have answered many too many emails like this one from
users with the same issue on Spotify! You can transfer your playlists with
a simple $4 App called Houdini! Good luck!

I have the same problem as described in this thread. Cannot sign up for premium and I have tried with 2 different credit cards. The odd thing is that I could sign up with another account using the same credit card. I'v also called my bank to verify that there's no issue with the card. This looks like a Spotify account issue and the account that has problem was created in 2007 while the one with no issue was created in 2017 so this issue might apply to very old accounts only.

Yep, setting up a new account works, but that's an unacceptable solution.
You're doing the company a solid by signing up for Premium. Why are they
frustrating your attempts?
Marked as solution

I contacted customer support and they solved the issue for me. The root of the problem was that you cannot use the same credit card for more than one account. If you try to do that then any further payment will get temporary blocked. There might be some info about this credit card restriction, but certainly it was not shown on the payment page. I think Spotify need to be more clear about this restriction.

Can You please Give me an email for Spotify customer support? The thing is that my credit card is new and it isn't used for more than one Spotify account. Happy New Years!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any contact email but you can chat with their customer support.


  1. Go to
  2. Select Subscription
  3. Select Unable to subscribe - payment failed
  4. Click I still need help
  5. Enter your name and problem description 
  6. Click Send question



I spent 3 hours online chatting with a Spotify respresentive trying to get my card to work.  Still no sucess.  Unreal.

I'm having the exact same problem. How did you contact customer support becasue I can't seem to find customer support?

Apologies, but IDK. I moved to Apple Music.

Been getting payment failed and I have enough funds

Seach this string and you will see plenty of similar complaints. There's no
easy way to solve this as far as I know. Personally, I grew so frustrated I
moved to Apple Music. Good luck. It's easy to move playlists btw. I
commented on that before...

I actually just contacted customer support and they resolved the issue for me along with giving me another free month.

That’s wonderful. Congrats. I know some on this thread have had difficulty contacting customer support. Might be worthwhile for you to post how you got thru.

I’ve had this problem a few times. and it’s really annoying . I had to replace my debit MC and Now it’s saying that if I don’t update my payment details that it’ll be canceled in 5 days! I’m super confused why it wouldn’t allow my card to work. There’s money on it!!

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