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Won't Accept Credit Card Information


Won't Accept Credit Card Information

I'm trying to throw my money at Spotify and get Premium but it keeps saying there's an error whenever I put my credit card information. Now I'm no online shopping pro but shouldn't I need to put more information other than card number, expiration date and CVC? I had the very same problem with Steam when I tried to add my credit card (same card by the way) and it was because the name tied to my credit card was "Darryl S. Hornan Soto" and I was typing in "Darryl Hornan Soto". Problem is that Spotify doesn't even ask for your name.


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Same problem. Tried Chrome, Firefox and the Android app.


I really didn't want to get Pandora, but apparently Spotify doesn't want my money.

It really sucks that something this simple is a huge downfall for a company, I love spotify but not this much

You are soo smart !!! That's it! Well I'll stop trying right now. Spotify just lost a valueable customer 🙂

Same problem for me, at least for the first few trials. In my case, no message is shown on the webpage, not even "credit card not accepted... etc...". Just silent fail, and I'm stuck with the free version.

Please do something!!!

Same problem for me

I am also having problems with my Spotify account.  I've tried three different credit cards and none of them work - says my credit card company is having a bad day.  Not.  Who can I contact to help with this problem?  I am not enjoying the basic and would like to upgrade again to Premium.  Anyone?


Same issue here

I kept trying and eventually it accepted my cc....took over 6 weeks 'tho....

I'm having this problem for the past like 3 weeks and I cannot get it fixed! I've gotten the same answer over and over, but I've checked my bank account, I've used my card multiple times after this and I know for a fact that I have the money to pay for this account, especially with the student discount. I thought at first hay maybe it wasn't going through Because I don't attend the same school anymore, so I deleted (like an idiot, I know) my current student premium account to switch to my new student account AND IT JUST LOCKED ME OUT. THE CARD DOESNT WORK, MY ACCOUNT WON'T UPDATE. And I've gotten literally NO help. I love Spotify, but now I'm starting to rethink that.



Same issue here, I´ve tried with PayPay with no different outcome 😞


I agree its very frustrating. I persisted and kept trying to enter my
credit card and one day it just accepted it, so I'm back on. Agree it's
terrible service and problems with payment and I have no doubt they've lost
scores of customers as a result.

I was hoping to find a solution here but it seems that spotify doesn't really care much about it's customers. I have been a premium member since it went beta and now it seems that I am just another casualty. Loved spotify and what it started with many companies following suit. Guess I'm going to have to check out Apple's service. Way to go spotify. You've forced my money elsewhere after fighting this issue for far too long. Thanks!

I persisted and kept trying - eventually my credit card was accepted and
has been all good now for many months. Agree the customer service is poor
and am sure they've lost incredible numbers of customers as a result. Hope
they find a suitable solution to this problem.

I am having the same problem today. Checked w/the cc company, and this is totally on Spotify's end. It seems that Spotify sucks at processing credit cards, which is odd because one would think that is a major component of their business model.

Well, I see this thread is from as far back as 2014, but I'm experiencing the exact same issue today! Tried different browsers, different platforms (mac/PC), different credit cards, called my bank and even opened a new Spotify account then tried to upgrade. Nothing worked! Apple Music here I come!

fyi - I eventually added my credit card to Pay Pal and resubmitted, and
this worked. Still, it's absurd that I had to do this when my credit card
was perfectly legitimate as-is.

I have tried 3 different cards (master and visa) but still not working and I can't pay to have premium account. What can I do!? No more music from spotify? 🤔

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