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Won't allow access to my account

Won't allow access to my account

My account will not let me log in using my username and password and when I logged in with Facebook it does not show my premium account and it has deleted all of my playlists Like I have a free account yet my automatic payment went through today and I called apple and there are no missing or declined payments. I have tried deleting the app and I have no other accounts
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Hi there!


Thanks for the post.


It sounds like you've created a second account using your Facebook.


To get back to Premium, simply go here and log in with your email address  and password.


Under Account Overview, look for the username and use that detail to log into the app.


Let me know how it goes!

It still won't allow me to login using my username and password, and when I go to forgot password it says it sent an email and I never receive one



Sorry to hear about that.


Not to worry though, if you contact Spotify Customer support over here, they'd be able to sort it out for you.



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