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Won't let me upgrade to Student Discount

Won't let me upgrade to Student Discount

I want to get premium but I'm a student and want to take advantage of the discount. When I go to get it through the ad or website it just takes me again to the pay 9.99$ page. I've even updated my email through Facebook to be my university email, which I don't want. I have my Spotify account under my personal email but it's not taking me to the page to enter in my school information. Why can't I do this?

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Hey @Branchable 


Thanks for posting in the community.


This sounds like a case for our accounts and subscriptions guys to investigate. Reach out to them over at this link.


Once you've reached them, you'll receive an automated reply. Just get back to this and it'll make sure the correct team get your message. Also, if you post your 8 digit case # to us here, we'll make sure things get looked in to too.


I hope that they can help out with things.

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