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Wrong Facebook attached to my account


Wrong Facebook attached to my account

So you've logged in with your Spotify username only to see your friend's Facebook picture and name in the top right hand corner. Now your listening history is on your friend's Facebook--what to do?


Not to worry. This can be fixed in a matter of seconds. 


Head over to your Preferences Page within your desktop app: Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac)


From there select 'Disconnect from Facebook' under 'Social Network'. You'll know it's disconnected when the button changes to 'Connect to Facebook'. 


If you'd like, you can then link to your own FB. That way this error can't happen again in the future 🙂 

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Meredith, I tried to do this as well but it didn't work. When I click "connect to Facebook" it still connects with my mom's account.
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Hey @kryger


That's not good to hear.


Just to check, make sure that you're mother is logged out of her FB account on the browser/app. How does that help?


If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend that you reach out to our contact form.


If you reach out to the team here, you may receive an automated reply. Don't worry though, just reply back to it and the right team will get your email. They'll be able to take a look backstage for you.


Alternatively reach over to our Twitter team at @SpotifyCares.


I hope this helps!

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Hi, I didn`t connect with facebook with the button, what I need to do?



Can you reach out over our contact form?
You may receive an automated reply. If you do, reply to it and someone from the right team will get back to you. 

Hi. So att friend is loged in till my account via FB.
I used my account from his phone and now his name is on MY account. I've tried everything to get him off from there. Nothing works. It's so enoying! I dont even get the point as to WHY this is even possible?!
When I log in with mycket details his name shows upp as owner. When I try to logg in via FB as I've done thou thousands of Times before, it says that I'm already connected. Witch I'm obviosly not...

I've hade my premium account for years, I have had it connected to my FB almost the entire time.
But all of att sudden someone else can just logg in to it with HIS FB?!
This sucks 😞
Please help me fix this before I go completely insane!


This is clearly a problem, why isn't it rectified?

I creat spotify account in nl and connected with my facebook account. Now returned to my country and created new premium account. I want to connect with facebook but it won't let me. And since I am back to my country I can't reach to account to disconnect. Can you help me pls?

Hi everyone!


I have signed up to Spotify using my Facebook account. I no longer want the two connected though and would rather login using my e-mail address only.


In the beginning of this topic you suggested creating a new account first and then have someone from support staff transfer your information from the "facebook account" to the new account.


This unfortunately is not possible for me right now. When I try to register with my e-mail address I'm told that the e-mail is already in use. I thought this probably has to do with the fact that my facebook account (obvioulsy) uses the same e-mail address. I therefore updated my FB account using a different email address.


When I now login into Spotify (through FB) and I check my profile information, my old email address is still listed though. Hence, I still cannot register a new account.


Any help please? Thanks

Thank you so much. I got it changed!

Hi Jason,


Can you help, I have a similar issue...


I recently connected my Spotify account to my Facebook account but subsequently disconnected.


Despite disconnecting, my Spotify profile now shows a photo I don't want and for some reason is also linking to another Spotify account I have. If I try to share the profile link or any playlist links from the first account, when the link is opened it takes you to the second Spotify account rather than the first one.






My Spotify account is connected to the wrong person. My name is Kalle Emanuelsson on FB, not Siri Flensburg.
I've tried to disconnect her FB-account on my Spotify on Windows but when I try to connect my own FB-account it automatically connects back to Siri Flensburg even though i write my mail and password for my own FB-account. Please help me because i really don't know what to do. I know Siri Flensburg and she wants to be able to connect to her own spotify account with her facebook.

Thanks beforehand - Kalle

Im in a bit of a mess.


I have 2 accounts.  1 is a premium account which I have no idea how to access because it is logged in through a facebook account that no longer exists.  So I set up a new account and wish to go premium with it but I dont want to pay for 2 accounts.  Plus, when i go to enter my payment info in, I get an error message and im assuming thats because my card is linked to the other account? 

so i was trying to find a friend who uses spotify but the search refused to come up with his info. i finally accepted that i would have to use the connect to facebook to find him, which i was avoiding. now it's using my facebook info, and i can't seem to unlink it and go back to using the screen name i would prefer to use for spotify which is why i signed up separately in the first place. i don't care so much if spotify has my facebook info, though i've removed permissions, as i signed up with a separate name for a reason. how do i remove this info? how do i get my screen name back? how come there still isn't any useful functionality in determining how this info is provided to the community?

This information seems very helpful, however I am using my android and tablet and I'm not getting an edit>preferences option then to disconnect from Facebook 


I used my girlfriends spotify and logged in with my own facebook. She tried to disconnect my FB-account on her Spotify on Windows but when she try to connect her own FB-account it automatically connects back to my account even though she writes her mail and password to her own FB-account.

Her account is spotify heikku88 and my FB is

After i trolled my friend on facebook my fb profile got banned and my spotify which i cant log into right now
ID of the banned acc is 11102008970
Can you port the playlist that is 'takip etmeyin amq' to this account or allow me to log into my older account thats banned

Hi there, I'm experiencing this issue as well. My account appears to have been associated with another Facebook account from someone whom isnt even on my contacts list.


I've disconnected my Facebook account, reset my password and reconnected my account 24 hours later. 

The old Profile is still showing up


This appears to be affecting their account as well as I'm having random playlists appear and I'm resuming from their songs when I login.


Can I please get this cleared? my account should be associated with

To me it doesn't appear the "Disconnect" button to unlink spotify from Facebook under Social.


What can I do? 



nm fixed!

I can't seem to disconnect my Facebook (that I want to deactivate) from my Spotify account. I already pay for premium on my old account, and I can't purchase Student premium on my new account because my credentials are already used. How do I get my original Spotify (with all my playlists and Premium subscription NOT to reactivate my Facebook account when I log in?

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