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Wrong Facebook attached to my account


Wrong Facebook attached to my account

So you've logged in with your Spotify username only to see your friend's Facebook picture and name in the top right hand corner. Now your listening history is on your friend's Facebook--what to do?


Not to worry. This can be fixed in a matter of seconds. 


Head over to your Preferences Page within your desktop app: Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac)


From there select 'Disconnect from Facebook' under 'Social Network'. You'll know it's disconnected when the button changes to 'Connect to Facebook'. 


If you'd like, you can then link to your own FB. That way this error can't happen again in the future 🙂 

678 Replies

I deleted an old facebook account, and have since reopened a new one that have the same email address attached. I cannot get Spotify to now connect with my current Facebook, and I believe it is because when I previously used it, it was connected with another account that had the same email that is now closed. There doesn't appear to be any option to override this, so what can I do?

Can you delete a spotify account? In that case I Would like to delete my account that is linked to spotify, and then connect my spotify to Salemyr. Please help here, want this to be fixed!

Salemyrr - You should absolutely be able to link your FB to 'salemyr'. The fact that you say you can't is a bit worrying. 


Please tell me exactly what you now see when you go to your Preferences Page: Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac)


If you could provide me with a screenshot it would be even better. 


scuzzi - I'd be best if you filled out our contact form. From there we can help transfer over your playlists between accounts. 


AlwaysChilled - I've just done a bit of maintenance to your account. You should now be able to link 'alwayschilled' to your preferred FB. 


Just head over to your Preferences Page and select 'Connect to Facebook'. 


There you have a screenshot of spotify in preferences... 

And then when I sign up to facebook in this page:
Spotify 2.png

Nothing happens, I click log in, and then the pop-up page with facebook dissapears, and nothing has happened.. it's like it doesn't react. And as you can see, I can't see any people from facebook or anything...

As I have told you before, I have another account linked via facebook. It's thr "Filip Salemyr" acc on facebook that has a account on spotify. Couldnt that be the problem, that I cant have both, but I don't know how to delete the non-premium account that is actually created via facebook you know...

And here you have a screenshot from the other account 'Filip Salemyr' and it has this number 

Spotify 3.png


As you can see here, it is linked to facebook and I am at the top with my picture and all my friends are to the right... But it cant be disconnected from facebook since that's how I created the account right... via my facebook as a facebook user. So can't you just delete this account? Cause I think that might be the problem, I cant connect 'Salemyr' to facebook, nothing happens because I have this other one...

I think it actually worked now, to connect with facebook with Salemyr 😄

Just scared that it will disconnect or something... so you can delete the account '1121211305' now 🙂 If it's possible, save the playlists to Salemyr.

Hi salemyr - Glad to see you were able to connect your FB to 'salemyr' finally. 


If you'd like those playlists just enter 'spotify:user:1121211305' into the Spotify searchbar. You'll see your old playlists which you can either subscribe to or simply copy + paste into new playlists. 

Thank you so much, all good now!!

I had a similar problem when I tried to link my fb and spotify accounts and delinked them and now my fb account is gone.

It shows up as 123088654 and I can't view the playlists that are not published. Can you transfer them over to my fb account?

hi, i have this account which I currently play for and I have set up a new Facebook to migrate over to the new account but Spotify has made me a new Spotify account and I am now stuck with an old account I pay for an a new account I cant use and have lost my playlists. 


Could I have this account subscription and playlists transfered to my new spotify/facebook account?

Tigerbalm & Mynameisdonald - We can transfer your subscriptions and playlists over, but we will need some security details before we can do so.


Because of this, could you contact us through the contact form. We'll then move it all over.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

Would someone be able to help me.  I had connected my Facebook account to my spotify but I don't want that... But i went to sing in on my phone with out my Facebook login info and it does not let me. So i went to and was still log on. so i attempted to change my password and realize that my email was not correct and when i typed my original password and it did not let me change it. So what can i do?????  I can provide all account info in needed.

Hi eXsoR65 - So what happened here is you the email you originally joined with as has a typo? So you can't get the reset password link?


No problem. Head over to our contact form. You can select the option 'Would you like to contact us before creating a Spotify account?'. That way you can email us without needing to sign in with your Spotify details. 


From there one of our CS agents can sort this all out. 

Well when i sign up used  which is my personal email.  When i go to account setting is what is in the e-mail, I would have never put that. it completely wrong.

Ah I see--well we can still definitely help here. However, for security reasons it's best if you use that contact form.


Also, it's not advisable to post personal emails here as it's a public forum. I'll go ahead and edit those out for you. 

Okay Thank you for your help. I will fill it out the contact form then.





Somehow my spotify got linked to my friend's fb account. He since removed Spotify from his Facebook in an attempt to resolve the issue. When I go to "Preferences" there is only a "Connect to Facebook" and when I enter my information it simply does nothing and doesn't take, and stays "Connect to Facebook". Here is a screenshot to explain better.



Hi beerocractic - Well that's quite strange. What happens when you select 'Connect to Facebook'? Are you able to enter any details or does the option change?


Thanks for the quick reply Meredith!


I am able to enter my FB details, the dialog closes and the preferences page stays exactly as before. It seems to just ignore it.


When I logout and try to log back in with my facebook email, it logs in for about two seconds then automatically logs me out and brings me back to the login screen. I do see my facebook name and picture in the upper right the split second it stays open.


Very strange indeed!

Hmmm well I certainly haven't seen this before. I've just a bit of behind-the-scenes maintenance on your 'beerocratic' account. 


Please try signing out and back in for me. 


If anyone else is also experiencing this please let me know. 

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