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Wrong ads language


Wrong ads language


This is my very first post I am getting adverts in Spanish even though my location is Australia and the country of choice in my account is Australia too. 

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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@froose - Its worth just double checking:

- Your IP address geo-locates to inside the Netherlands:

- The country on your online profile is set to the Netherlands. 

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Hi Peter,


thanks for replying so quickly. But my country is set to "België (Nederlands)". This means "Belgium (Dutch)". You most commonly also have "Belgique (Français)", which obviously means "Belgium (French)".

"The Netherlands" is another country (one of our neibours).

And my ip traces back to Belgium.

Ah thats my mistake - getting confused by countries vs languages! 

Let me escalate this to the team for you and see if this is expected behaviour.

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Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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Hi @froose Just do double check--what language do you have selected in your Preferences page [Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac)]


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.24.05 PM.png

Hi Meredith,


as you can see in the screenshot, it is set to Dutch. Which is very comparable with any other thing we encounter here in Belgium.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 22.28.18.png

Thanks @froose  Have you tried restaring your app or even a full clean reinstallation lately? 


I have just done the reinstallation, after it was even getting worse yesterday: it started repeating ads twice and some ads were in Dutch, others in French. I think the ads by Spotify itself were the only ones left in French. The others, though repeated, came through in Dutch. I sense the logic somewhere, but I don't know what is happening. Anyway, I keep you posted if it still acts strange after this reinstall.



it's been a few days and I have been testing the service over the same network connection on different devices.

I can not make a state out of it. One time it plays French ads, the other moment they are Dutch.

It's not a disaster, but it is really hard to understand why it happens.

I'll contact my ISP as well, maybe they can explain me some things about the nodes they use, locationwhise. I have a strong feeling it might have to do something with that.

Hi @froose It'd be really helpful to know if you were behind a proxy that was confusing Spotify into thinking you were somewhere else. Please let us know what info you get after contacting your ISP and we'll chase this up. 

I am having the same problem

Have checked on settings that it's English, I have an English account and my IP is in England, yet my adverts are coming through in French!

Marked as solution

Hi @Ruth1 Are all adverts coming in French or just some? Have you already tried a clean reinstallation?

Just some and only sometimes - I will reinstall now 🙂

Thanks @Ruth1 how'd that work for you? 

Seems to be all english now - thanks!

Awesome! Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂

Hi Meredith,


I am not sitting behind a proxy, or at least not at a level which I can modify.

I have also had an answer from my ISP. And as with most ISP's customer care, the answer they gave me was ment for a 5 year old.

What they say is that it depends on my IP, which they give me and that they are location-based... Or at least, other services can track the big area where the IP is located. And as I said, I live very near the French-speaking border. I now (for the first time that I really look at it) notice that I have the same problem in Google, Facebook, etc. One time it's in Dutch, the other moment it's in French.

So anyway, I don't think it really is your fault.

Nevertheless, you have my language preference and the country that I live in. I'd like to hear things in my own language.


Thanks for following up!

EDIT: This has been fixed now. 


No, it has not.

@untit13d Are you getting ads in a language not related to the country you're in?

Yeah exactly. I'm sitting in France and for a week now, i got foreign commercials ! Italian insurance one for the whole morning lol !
I've tried the "clean install" with no success. Any other magic trick would help ?

Same here. Been hearing Italian commercials all morning now. 🙂

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