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Wrong country listed NOT Premium, can't log in ...

Wrong country listed NOT Premium, can't log in ...

Hi all, I have attempted to resolve this issue with Spotify several times. I have moved on to other online services but now it is happening to others in my family. We are located in Canada, using but when we go to create the account, it shows us in the US. After a period of time, it will no longer allow us to log in. I do not understand why this happens with accounts. We are unable to change the country under profile. It seems to be locked to US only. I have attempted to create new accounts (with new email addresses) from but to no avail, the problem surfaces eventually. We are not looking to do the Premium at the time but I can't imagine there is some kind of time bomb on the account to stop working. Please advise.





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For a quick follow up, I just tried again (its been months) on and creating a new account. It made it a US account. What gives?!?

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